Diet For Dysphagia And The Problem Of Dysphagia

Have you ever gulped down the food and it goes down the incorrect way? For a predicted 18-35% of adults above the age of 60 this is a general issue. Dysphagia is just distinguished as any problem or incapability to swallow. It’s not an illness, nevertheless a disorder of a normal procedure. Issues at any point throughout the swallow could turn out in problem swallowing. An individual with dysphagia might have a delayed, partial or deficient swallowing response.


Likely causes comprise obstruction, nerve & muscle issues & miscellaneous problems for instance trauma, meds, deprived dentition & deprived mouth care. Dysphagia could have a huge impact over an older individual’s nutritional condition comprising malnutrition development, unintentional weight loss, dehydration, as well as other nutrition deprivation.

Warning indications of Dysphagia

Dysphagia many times goes unnoticed since the signs & symptoms might be puzzled with other issues or conditions. Warning indications comprise:

  • Coughing, feeble cough, gagging, choking, common throat clearing or croaky voice
  • Deprived control of mouth as well as tongue
  • Problem chewing and shifting food in the mouth
  • Slow or deficient swallow reflex
  • Problems of food choking in the throat

In case indications of swallowing difficulties are recognized, referral must be made to the suitable health care experts to screen for dysphagia & access for issues with dentition, moving of food in the mouth, assumed aspiration, danger of unintentional loss of weight & malnutrition.

Diagnosis as well as treatment

Tests might comprise a FEES testing. Diagnosis of the kind of dysphagia counts over the origin of the disorder:

Oral dysphagia: Problem starting a swallow owing to problem chewing, moving food in the mouth or pushing food to the back into the food pipe.

Pharyngeal Dysphagia: The food goes into the larynx owing to a slow swallow reflex, partial closure of the larynx or remains in the pharynx following the swallow.

Esophageal Dysphagia: Food doesn’t go effortlessly through the esophagus owing to esophageal dysmotility, structural obstruction, strictures owing to GERD.


As soon as the kind of dysphagia is diagnosed, treatment objectives comprise: marketing a secure swallow to lessen peril of choking food in the lungs; keeping up fine nutritional condition and sufficient hydration; allowing independent eating as well as swallowing; improving the pleasure of eating as well as quality of life.

Coming to diet for dysphagia, fruit purees provides the necessary nutritional value to the patient without hurting throat.


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